2019 was a very good year for Double Apex. Our site has grown by 30 per cent over 2018 thanks to YOU, faithful readers and fellow petrolheads. Over the past 12 months, we brought you daily news covering various aspects of the motoring and motorsport arenas. We were invited to numerous new car launches and drove dozens of test vehicles to bring you car reviews. We also attended several high-level motorsport events and brought you bespoke coverage. We’ve shared F1 stories as well as exclusive image galleries. In this piece, we bring you the Top 5 stories of 2019. These are the articles that you, our readers, found most interesting and visited the most and/or shared with others.

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We also recounted some of our more memorable experiences from 2019. Wishing all our readers a fantastic 2020. Enjoy this look back at the Top 5 Stories of 2019.

VW Golf 8 Images Leaked

VW Golf 8 Images Leaked

A new VW Golf is always big news for the SA market. VW fed us teaser images for months before the model was finally launched a few weeks ago. A few days before that happened, official images were leaked onto the internet and we got a hold of them.

Deathwish Toyota Hilux

Top 5 Stories of 2019

Toyota’s Hilux is a firm SA favourite. This video featured a pretty unique, older generation bakkie in the US with an interesting history; it’s definitely worth a watch.

Revamped Dezzi Raceway

Top 5 Stories of 2019

Dezzi Raceway on the KZN South Coast has become the default home of motorsport in the region. The twisty track with a picturesque backdrop of the Indian Ocean underwent a major revamp early this year. We brought you an exclusive video of the revisions and interview with the track’s owner, Des Gutzeit.

F1 Driver Salaries 2019

Lewis Hamilton Career Ender

The lives of F1 drivers can sometimes be more interesting than the racing on track. While these high-speed gladiators all put life and limb on the line at every race, some take home far larger pay cheques than others.

Safety car causes havoc

Safety Car Causes Havoc

Safety cars are used in motorsport to neutralise racing, usually, when there has been a serious incident on track. However, in this case, the safety car itself caused serious carnage as it entered the track at high-speed into the path of the pack.