We’ve featured a few videos from the AutoFocus YouTube channel before. Such as this high-riding 4×4 Chev Camaro and this all-wheel-drive supercharged Trans Am. This week AutoFocus brings us two videos that outline an incredible Miami car collection.

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All vehicles in the Miami car collection are owned by one individual. Juan Carlos, pictured above, is the lucky guy who gets to drive all the machinery featured. Carlos started out from very humble beginnings, as a shoe salesman. From there he progressed to selling second-hand cars, while putting himself through school. He is now the President of Ferco Motors Corp, a Miami-based car dealership group.

Diverse machinery

The long-time petrolhead has spent the better part of thirty years accumulating a wide variety of machinery. He houses the vehicles at his four houses, all on one lot, and in various warehouses. In the videos below he gives automotive photographer Larry Chen a personal tour of his ‘compound’ and one of his warehouses.

In these two locations, we get to see and listen to Juan Carlos explain the nuances of just about every car he points out. He knows all the details of engines, suspension and provenance of each vehicle. Among his most treasured cars is a Ferrari F40, which is not quite standard, garaged at his house. Other, more diverse, machines include an off-shore powerboat, with two 746 kW (1 000 hp) motors, a Michael Schumacher kart and a genuine Nascar. The latter sees regular racetrack duty.

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Juan Carlos has a penchant for muscle-cars, but he can’t seem to leave well alone. Almost all the cars feature some form of modification, from suspension and brake upgrades to uprated air-conditioners. More mainstream European machinery does feature as well, in very interesting shapes. Among these are an M3-powered BMW 2002 and a genuine Renault 5 Turbo 2. Check out more cars in the videos below.