The cardinal rule of motorsport is: DO NOT crash into your team-mate, as Verstappen and Ricciardo did at Baku last year. The reason for this is obvious, but racing drivers are not the most logical and sometimes things can get a bit heated on track. This, however, is not one of those cases as a safety car causes havoc during a touring car event.

Click here to check out a great video of lap-time comparisons at the Circuit of the Americas.

At a Chinese Touring Car race held earlier today, team-mates were forced to collide with each other because of an errant safety car. David Zhu and team-mate (and brother) Juan Carlos Zhu had qualified first and second in their BAIC Senovas.

During the opening lap the two drivers were leading the field to the starting grid when a course car joined the track, unannounced. David took avoiding action which sent him into the path of his brother’s identical car. Both cars were damaged and could not start the race.

You can see the shambolic incident below: