If there are enough links in a digital chain, one of them is bound to break. This seems to be the case with the VW Golf 8 leaked images that have appeared on the internet in the last few hours. The VW Golf 8 is one of the most anticipated new models of 2019. The images here seem to originate from a magazine that was perhaps given early access to the car. In the front-on images, we can see all the generations of Golfs, indicating that it’s an official image shot for VW.

We carried a story a few months ago of the Golf 8 as it was spotted testing (original story here).

Late 2019 debut

It was initially rumoured that the Golf 8 would appear at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. German manufacturers tend to show something special at this biennial automotive showcase. There is no Volkswagen product more important than the Golf, so it’s likely we will see the official unveil in September this year.

Engine options

There is no official talk of engine options, as the model is yet to be launched, but there has been plenty of chatter online. Most of the guesstimates are based on the current Golf line-up, as well as engine tech offered elsewhere within the VW Group.

There’ll likely be two versions of VW’s small TSI engine, in 1,0- and 1,5-litre displacement. On the profile image, there is also mention of a 1,6-litre motor. The best-selling turbocharged 2,0-litre GTI is always on the cards, which will be good for roughly 220 kW, and there is speculation that the range-leading, all-wheel-drive Golf R will produce 250 kW.

Considering VW’s recent track record with diesel-powered cars, we’re not sure if there will be any oil-burners in the line-up. It seems the company will turn its focus towards GTE plug-in hybrid variants instead. All-electric models will fall under VW’s new ID sub-brand of electrified vehicles.

You can see images of the VW Golf 8 GTI that was spotted testing at the Nurburgring below: