Pagani Automobili

Pagani is the newest member of the Italian supercar club, even though the owner is Argentine. We had a chance to visit the company’s museum, next door to its manufacturing facility, towards the end of 2017.

The newest member of the Italian supercar club


This Renault-powered single-seater is one of Horacio Pagani’s earliest projects.

One of Horacio Pagani's earliest projects


Pagani Zonda No 2 is affectionately called La Nonna, which is Italian for grandmother.

Pagani Zonda No 2

La Nonna has over 1 million kilometres on the odo, having served as the company’s test bed since day one. Incidentally, Zonda No 1 was crash tested for homologation purposes. This car was updated for the founder’s 60th birthday.

The is Zonda No 2, called La Nonna (grandmother in Italian)


Zonda No 2 and the Lamborghini Countach are among the first cars you see when entering the Pagani museum. Mr Pagani used to work for Lamborghini during his early days in Italy but left that firm when it didn’t want to explore carbon-fibre in relation to supercar construction.

La Nonna with a Countach, a car he worked on when employed by Lamborghini


A Zonda F and Zonda F Roadster photographed from the office suite at the museum.

Zonda F Roadster and Zonda F


Zonda Revolucion is Pagani’s track-only special.

Zonda Revolucion R

This lightweight model (1 070 kg) has a track-tuned 6,0-litre V12 motor that develops nearly 590 kW, which helped it power to a Nurburgring lap time of 6 min 47 sec in 2010.

All Paganis are powered by AMG engines

The Zonda Revolucion rear suspension is a work of art.

The Zonda Revolucion R rear suspension is a work of art


The striking Pagani Huayra is the latest model from the small-scale manufacturer.

The Pagani Huayra

All Pagani models are powered by Mercedes-AMG powerplants. Five-time Formula 1 world champion and personal friend of Horacio Pagani, Juan Manuel Fangio, wrote a personal letter to Mercedes-Benz management convincing them that they should supply his young countryman with engines. This Huayra is powered by this twin-turbocharged V12 motor.

The Pagani Huayra is powered by a turbocharged V12 AMG motor