It’s a tough time for the entire world right now. We are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. The effects of this hyper-infectious virus known as Coronavirus, or Covid-19 have been felt worldwide. While no vaccine exists most affected countries have taken measures to curtail further spread within populations. Many people are confined to their homes as offices and work places are closed.  With that in mind we bring you this list of virtual car museum tours.

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Motoring and motorsport events, such as the 2020 Geneva Motor Show and start of the Formula One season, have been cancelled or postponed. Who knows how long it will be before the world starts to embrace air travel en masse? Our list below lets you take virtual car museum tours through several showcases.


We decided to start here because it is one of the smallest collections on display, and it’s one of the museums on the list that we’ve actually visited. Check out our bespoke images in this gallery. Take a look at some of the brand’s historical and modern machinery in the intimate collection.


Because we are such fans of the Mazda MX-5 we had to bring you this one. You can take a full tour of the brand’s extensive collection of classic cars, modern racercars, and models from its long history. Check out these forgotten MX-5 concept cars.

We visited the Nissan Heritage Collection and took these pics.


The Museo Lamborghini at the company’s headquarters in Italy hosts a beautiful collection of old and new Lamborghinis. Among the machinery are several concept and show cars. You can even explore inside some of the cars on display; how cool is that? This is another museum we’ve been fortunate to visit and you can see more images from our visit to the Lamborghini Museum here.

Petersen Museum

Los Angeles is well-known to have a thriving car scene. Much of what makes the West Coast car culture can be witnessed at the Petersen Museum. The multi-level facility has a wide variety of vehicles from all facets if the motoring world. Road and racecars sit alongside dragsters and movie cars. It’s a must-visit if ever you find yourself in that part of the world.


The McLaren Technology Centre is the pristine home of McLaren’s road and racing divisions. Within the circular building are a collection of classic racecars, including several Formula titleholders and its fleet of road cars.


The Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart is a must-do for any car fan, regardless of your allegiance. On show are several old racecars from Mercedes’ long and illustrious motorsport past, alongside show- concept and latest production models from the Three-pointed Star.

Check out this private Mercedes collection right here in SA.


Not too far from the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart is Porsche’s own collection. The models on display range the full spectrum of road cars from the automaker’s history as well as several dozen instantly recognisable racecars.


The Honda Collection Hall houses all manner of vehicles from the brand’s history. Road and racecars are housed alongside bicycles and even robots. With the virtual tour, you can explore every corner of this collection.


The Ferrari museum next to the company’s factory in Maranello is high on the list of many petrolheads. Inside its halls, you will see some of the most memorable race and road cars from Prancing Horse. Amongst them are a full suite of Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 cars.

Check out our exclusive images from the Michael Schumacher Museum at this link.


The Toyota Museum in Japan is not just a showcase of the Japanese firm’s past, but a history of the automobile itself. Apart from seeing several dozen models of old and current Toyota products visitors will also see iconic cars from other brands as well.