Remember Rezvani? The US-based company regularly makes headlines with interesting machines, like the recently launched 1 000 bhp Beast. The former is based on the most recent Chev Corvette (read our article here). The company’s latest creation is the retrotastic Rezvani RR1. 

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Porsche 911-Based

The Rezvani RR1 is a retro take on a modern Porsche 911. The RR1 concept is based on the 992 series of the evergreen German sportscar. Rezvani gives the current generation 911 a completely new skin fashioned from carbon-fibre. The new look is very much along the lines of 911 endurance racers from the 1970s. Think of it as an independent, road-going take on Porsche’s 935. The restyled body has a new bumpers, different headlamps,  with a massive rear wing and retro turbofan alloys. For full effect owners can even opt for some retro-looking livery.

As the company says: Rezvani Retro embodies the timeless allure of a bygone era, exuding an essence that harks back to the classic designs and sophistication of yesteryears. Combining the timeless inspiration drawn from the icons of the past with the cutting-edge advancements in modern technology and conveniences of the present era.

Three Options

Customers, limited to 50, supply a 911 of either 911 Carrera S, GT3, or Turbo S badging. The Carrera is turned into the RR1 550. Rezvani is happy to apply the treatment to either manual or PDK-fitted cars. 

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The Carrera’s twin-turbocharged 3,0-litre is boosted to 405 kW for track use, or 388 kW for the street. The RR 565 is based on the GT3. Its 4,0-litre naturally aspirated flat-six ramped up to 393 kW on the street, or 416 kW for the track. Finally, there is the RR1 750. The Turbo S-based variant has 526 kW for the road and 552 kW in track tune.

A Major Disclaimer

Rezvani’s website is quick to point out that it does not build cars. The company will, no doubt, have taken note of the recent legal wrangling between Porsche and Singer Vehicle Design, read more here. As a result the website disclaimer reads:

Rezvani Retro converts vehicles owned by private owners using  992 generation 911 variants (2020 – present). All work is done at the request of our clients. Rezvani Retro does not manufacture or sell automobiles. Rezvani Retro customization services are provided solely by Rezvani Retro, and they are not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed nor, in any way, affiliated with Porsche Cars North America, Inc., or Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche, AG.