A new, Formula E GEN3 Evo was unveiled in Monaco this week. The new racer will compete in next year’s FIA Formula E World Championship. SA fans will be hoping the new car in action. This will only happen if the series returns to Cape Town in 2025. The local race was left off the 2024 calendar (full story here).

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The Gen3 Evo was developed to be quicker and faster than the current, Gen3 car. It is also the quickest accelerating single-seater FIA racecar with a 0-100 sprint time of 1,82 seconds. Formula E says this is 30 per cent quicker than the current F1 cars. Top speed will be 322 km/h, which makes it the fastest Formula E car of all.

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Interesting, the Formula E Gen3 Evo will feature all-wheel-drive which will be available during qualifying duels, race starts, and attack mode stints. Up to 600 kW of regenerative braking capacity is used to generate nearly 50 per cent of the energy needed for a race, during the race itself.

Jeff Dodds, Chief Executive Officer, Formula E said: “The Gen3 Evo heralds a ground-breaking chapter in the evolution of Formula E, embodying our dedication to innovation and high performance achieved sustainably. Featuring unprecedented acceleration and an advanced aerodynamic design, the car that I had the honour of unveiling in Monaco is set to intensify the thrill of our racing, captivating our drivers and fans around the world with truly superior capabilities and performance.”