A few weeks ago we brought you a news story relating to the rebirth of the famous Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II homologation special (original article here). It was unclear at the time what powertrain the HWA Evo would employ, but that info has now been confirmed. 

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A friend of Double Apex sent us a document outlining several aspects of the car. A friend who is considering adding one of these tasty restomods to their, already extensive, collection of high-performance cars. In it there is quite a bit of info relating to the HWA Evo. We share some of that info with you below.

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Updated Appearance

HWA will start with cooking variety 190Es and not racier versions. Donor cars are completely stripped down in preparation for their new life. All interior trim, powertrain components and electrical systems are removed. You may also notice the complete lack of any Three-Pointed Stars…

Each car will feature a new body kit with new lights front and rear. The lights feature LED technology and are of a more modern design. The bodykit keeps the ‘Evo’ theme but is wider than the Mercedes version.

An integrated roll cage and four individual Recaro seats are highlights of the interior upgrade. Each seat features a four-point harness. A modern climate control system and digital instrumentation are also part of the makeover.

New Mechanicals

A 3,0-litre V6 is the powerplant of choice for this reimagined modern classic. This is quite a departure from the high-revving inline four that was developed for the race special. The engine will sit completely behind the front axle line, which effectively makes this a front-mid engine layout. HWA says this allows the car to achieve a 50/50 mass balance across the axles.

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The HWA Evo will feature massively uprated mechanicals. The suspension set-up will be double wishbones at each corner, which is complete revision from the original design. New, larger alloys will shroud massive discs (380 mm front/360 mm rear). A race-derived ABS system will modulate multi-pot calipers front and rear.

The twin-turbocharged engine will produce 331 kW (450 hp) as standard with 550 N.m of torque. An optional ‘Affalterbach’ package can raise the power output to 368 kW (500 hp) if you wish. Either way, the HWA Evo has a handy level of power for a car that will tip the scales at 1 350 kg. A six-speed manual transaxle sends power solely to the rear wheels.

Loads of Options

HWA will only build 100 units of its 190E restomod. This means there is plenty of scope for customisation. Owners can tailor their cars in terms of colour, livery, level of exposed carbon-fibre, uprated brakes, aero kit, higher top speed and countless other options.

With a starting price of just over R14,6m (before landing in SA) we expect that most buyers will have the ‘spare change’ to customise to their heart’s content and that no two HWA Evos will look the same.