The release of an all-new Ferrari is a pretty special thing for car enthusiasts. The debut of two, even more so. The all-new Ferrari 12Cilindri and topless 12Cilindri Spider were unveiled in Miami ahead of this weekend’s Formula One race being held there.

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These two are the latest in the long line of front-engined V12 Prancing Horses. In keeping with tradition the GT twins have high-revving naturally aspirated engines. This is quite unique in an age of increased hybridisation and electrification. Somehow, Ferrari has managed to meet all the relevant emissions standards without relying on electrification.

The 6,5-litre mill can rev to a screaming 9 500 r/min. In the process it produces 610 kW and 678 N.m of torque. The engine, codenamed F140 V-12 can trace its roots all the way back to the Enzo supercar. However, it has been updated over time. The latest innovation, which debuts here, is called ‘Aspirated Torque Shaping’. Think of it as boost-by-gear, but in a normally aspirated application.


In true sportscar fashion the Ferrari 12Cilindri is rear-wheel driven. An eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox is mounted at the rear. Ferrari quotes a 0-100 km/h time of 2,9 seconds and a 0-300 km/h time of less than 7,9. The Spider isn’t much slower, with acceleration times of 2,95 seconds and 8,2, respectively. Top speed for both is quoted as “above 340 km/h”.