One of our favourite automotive YouTube channels is Car Wow from the UK, especially for the great drag race videos they bring us. This week it’s a heavyweight SUV drag race. The series of straight-line challenges features the BMW X4M Competition against the Mercedes-AMG G63 against the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the final car is the Range Rover-powered Bowler Bulldog with a supercharged V8 (which you can read more about here). All of these models feature forced induction, automatic transmissions and all-wheel-drive.

Incidentally, the engine found in the X3M and X4M is the very same unit that will find its way into the upcoming BMW M3/M4. You can learn more about the upcomingBMW performance models in this earlier story where we outline information relating to the cars’ powertrains and power outputs.

See how these four heavyweights stack up in three straight-line challenges. The first is a standing start drag race over 400 metres, the second is a rolling race and the third is a brake test. Try to guess which will win each race before clicking the heavyweight SUV drag race video link. Guesses on the Double Apex Facebook Page.