We’ve featured many drag race videos on this site, but none of them have been a supercar night drag race. In the video at the bottom of this post we see quite an unlikely trio of extremely high-performance machinery battling head-to-head in a straight line over the quarter-mile.

The three rivals are a Porsche 935 vs Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro vs McLaren 720S Spider. The Porsche 935 is a recreation of a famous old Le Mans racer, which we covered in this story, and is restricted to track use. The Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro is a track-focused road-going version of company’s GT R (more info at this link) and the McLaren 720S is a heavy-hitting supercar that currently heads up McLaren’s Super Series line-up (more info on the model here).

The Porsche features a twin-turbocharged flat-six motor, whereas the Merc and McLaren both have twin-turbocharged V8s. All the cars have automated twin-clutch transmissions.

Not many titles are granted access to such exotic machinery, especially not at the same time. This video was shot at a recent Top Gear shootout held at the Portimao Circuit in Portugal. Care to guess who wins the supercar night drag race before clicking on the video below?