A few days ago we brought you this story (below) of a McLaren 720S vs McLaren Senna challenge being conducted by Autocar. They have since conducted two more tests and shared the videos online. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the latest.

McLaren Automotive produces some truly spectacular machinery. From having no sports/supercar contenders less than a decade ago, the firm from Woking contests all the top echelons of the performance motoring world.

Watch a McLaren 720S crash heavily into an Audi R8.

Its current “regular” model is the McLaren 720S, which is an extremely quick car. It has over 500 kW and features a carbon-fibre monocoque tub as its base. A step up from that model is the limited-edition McLaren Senna. While the two cars may share the basics, the Senna has been created as a track weapon. Special attention has been paid to aerodynamics with the aim of maximising lateral grip.

Learn more about the limited-edition McLaren Senna from the company’s official site by clicking here.

Autocar magazine in the UK was in the fortunate position to have both these high-performance machines on test at the same time. They did what any good road testers would, they arranged a McLaren 720S vs McLaren Senna set of challenges to see which is quicker in the real world.

The very first test in the McLaren 720S vs McLaren Senna debate is a straight line fight from 0-160 km/h-0 (0-100 mph-0 in old speak). Sit back and enjoy two supercars being thrashed for your enjoyme… scientific purposes.