A few weeks ago the Jaguar Simola Hill Climb took place in Knysna, a few hours away from Cape Town.

You can view our two-part photo gallery of the event by clicking here Part One and Part Two.

Powerful machines

The annual hill climb is fast becoming the premier event on the South African motorsport calendar. Drivers come from all over SA to take their chances on the 1,9 km course.

In the past few years, there have been some spectacular cars that have participated at Simola, including several highly modified road cars and a raft of single-seat racecars.

King of the Hill

The 2017 and 2018 events were dominated by Andre Bezuidenhout. Last year he won driving a 1990s-era Dallara F1 car.

In 2018 the advocate brought a far more specialised machine in the shape of a Gould GR55. We caught up with Andre at local sportscar showroom, Crossley & Webb to chat with him about his winning run and the Gould GR55.

Special thanks to Jeremy Heslup of Praemio for the onboard footage.