Watch as a McLaren 650S Spider crashes leaving California car meet, proving that its not only Mustang drivers who can get it wrong while trying to show off.

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Internet Infamy

Ford Mustang drivers have become something of an internet meme. This is thanks to several of the pony cars crashing as they leave car meets all over the US. Drivers seem to get a little carried away by the assembled crowds, many tend to overcook it, generally ending with a costly crash.

The same seems to have happened this past weekend but with a McLaren driver. The McLaren 650S Spider was leaving a car meet held in California. The event took place near the famous Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), the setting for many movie scenes. The driver, who must’ve had the car’s electronic nannies switched off, hoofed it from the event. His steed spun up its rear wheels and sent him in to a slide. He was not quick enough to catch the oversteer, and it was all caught on camera.

The open-top supercar slew across the road, narrowly missing police officer on a bike, ploughed through soft bollard and shot across the road where it made contact with a few parked cars. Looking at the video closely, the owner should be thankful there were cars to stop his progress or he could have taken in impromptu surfing lesson. Catch all the action in the video below.