A few months ago we ran an article about various unlikely road cars that were given the safari treatment ie some off-roading prowess. Click here to read that article. Milan-based BorromeodeSilva design studio imagined the STL-1 as an all-American off-roader.

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The STL-1 Safari Mustang was imagined by studio co-founder Carlo Borromeo after he enjoyed an American road trip in the iconic US muscle car. Incidentally, the name STL is a contraction of the Italian word stallone, or stallion in English.

Carlo Borromeo creative director of the Milan-based studio: “After devoting our attention to quintessential European cars such as the Lancia Delta, Porsche 928 and Lamborghini Diablo, the time has come to turn our gaze towards the United States and celebrate what we consider to be the ultimate travel car, the Ford Mustang.” 

Unique Appearance

The STL-1 Safari Mustang is based on a 1968 Fastback. However, the body of the off-roader is remade from scratch using special automotive grade steel for a stronger structure than the original, while retaining the exact shape. The most obvious change is the removal of the roof. In its place there is a tubular roll cage that has been shaped to mimic the roofline of the original design.

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V8 Power

Fittingly, the STL-1 is fitted with a 5,0-litre V8. This is a modified version of the engine found in the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. The STL-1 has a forged steel crankshaft, forged aluminium pistons, CNC bored cylinder heads and a high-flow intake manifold. In addition, a high lift camshaft helps the V8 rev to 7 400 r/min. As a result the naturally aspirated V8 produces 331 kW and 515 N.m of torque. 

The raised body rides on fully independent, double wishbone suspension featuring coilover springs and dampers. Other changes include large diameter inboard brakes, a new LSD and a performance propshaft.