There are plenty of Porsche 911 restomods in the world. We have covered many of them on our site as you can see by clicking here. But the Nardone Automotive 928 is the first of its kind that we have seen. And we have to admit it looks pretty darn good.

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Looking back…

The Porsche 928 was not quite as loved as sportier models from Stuttgart when new. As a result just over 60 000 units were sold worldwide in 18 years of production. Some may say that the 928 was ahead of its time, considering the popularity of the Panamera. The Nardone Automotive 928 was unveiled this week as a completely reimagined GT. It has been described by Nardone as a perfect little sister for all the beautiful 911 restos out there.

… and forward

The Nardone Automotive 928 features a body that is made almost entirely from lightweight composites. The headlamp graphic in the pop-ups and body-wide rear light are styling cues that have have been lifted from more modern Porsches. The overall shape remains unchanged but the fenders are subtly flared in order to house larger wheels. Speaking of wheels… 

Nardone reinterprets the original 16-inch disc wheels of the original 928 as 18-inch replacements. A revised suspension set-up features electronically controlled damping. The new wheels cover larger brakes as well. 

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Under the new skin is a retuned version of the original car’s V8 which now has about 300 kW of power. Drive is still sent to the rear wheels through a transaxle. Albeit, the new manual transmission has six forward ratios, one more than before, and a limited slip differential.

Retro modern

The interior of the Nardone Automotive 928 has a retro look but features all new materials and tech. Materials such as Alcantara and Foglizzo Italian leather, in a retro colour, have been used liberally. The infotainment system is a Porsche Classic Management head unit that has Apple CarPlay. 

The instrument cluster is futuristic for 1988 with a monochrome theme that wouldn’t be out of place in a sci-fi movie of the era. Brushed aluminium and slivers of carbon-fibre are traces of modernity. The Nardone Automotive 928 will be on show at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed.