The overlanding craze seems to have struck the world of car enthusiasts. We’ve seen Porsche do it with the 911 Dakar and even Lamborghini with the Huracan Sterrato. But this Dakar-style BMW 7 Series is a pretty unlikely candidate for the off-roading treatment. 

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Cushy Life

The E65 Overland started life as most BMW 7 Series do as the preferred transport of a diplomat. From there it went on to its second owner who suffered a transmission failure.

The car’s regular mechanics at Solved Garage decided to buy the car from its owner to start an unlikely project, as a Dakar-style BMW 7 Series. Solved Garage, in the Czech Republic rebuilt the stuffed trans’ and then began the transformation.

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More Practicality

To start, the car’s ride height was increase increased by 50 mm. In addition, the suspension was refreshed with poly’ bushes all around. The E65 is fitted with rally-style Rota alloys that are shod with chunky off-road biased footwear. And, of course, it wears a pretty iconic livery.

A software upgrade has helped unleash 210 kW from the inline, 3,0-litre inline turbodiesel engine. Solved Garage has also added a limited-slip differential to help deal with slippery tracks. A custom set of long-travel coilovers is on the cards for more off-road ability.

The luxo-barge is no show pony either. The car has been driven from its home to Sweden and Norway. It was a 6 000 km return trip into the Arctic Circle. The trip, no doubt, made far more pleasurable in the 7 Series’ luxurious interior. It was just the first of many such trips Solved Garage plans to undertake in this car.

Special thanks to Solved Garage for the images shot by carol_p_