If you were a rally fan in the late 1980s, then you will love the Lancia Delta Futurista. We all remember the boxy Lancia Delta Integrale. The Italian hatch gained popularity when it became Lancia’s foil as the famous Group B rally cars were banned from competition. Before the WRX and Evo were even conceived the Delta Integrale used all-wheel drive and turbocharging to claim several World Rally titles in the late 1980s and early ’90s.

One fan of the era and the Delta is Eugenio Amos. The Italian racing driver decided that he was going to create a resto-mod version of the famous model. Resto-mod models, such as the Porsches created by Singer are becoming more popular.

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Limited edition

Through his company Automobili Amos, Eugenio is recreating 15 special models called the Lancia Delta Futurista. This Verde Brinzio, or green car, is the first of the run. The very first car made its debut at the Grand Basel Auto Show in Switzerland this week.

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Eugenio starts with a Lancia Delta Integrale 16V. He believes that Evo I and II cars are too rare to hack up, so the more common 16V is his starting point. The base car is stripped and every panel is replaced with either aluminium or carbon-fibre. Using lightweight materials has shed 90 kg from the donor car. Not only are the new body panels wider but the rear doors are welded up to make the new car a two-door. Modern-looking, projector-style headlamps replace the original halogen units.

The upgrade continues inside where period-correct bucket seats are covered in dark brown Alcantara. Other aspects of the cabin have been kept fairly original in keeping with the spirit of the original Delta.

More performance

In the performance stakes a new intake, intercooler and exhaust system on the original motor help bump up power to over 240 kW. A stiffer suspension set-up with revised geometry and grippy Pirelli Trofeo R semi-slick rubber help put down the additional power. Larger brakes are also part of the revision package.

Listen to this evocative video which was created to announce Eugenio’s intent to create the Lancia Delta Futurista: