The Bugatti Chiron L’Ultime is the very last of its name. The German-owned automaker has now produced all 500 units of the promised production run. The very last car, called L’Ultime, celebrates the Chiron and its history

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Love-Hate Relationship

The Bugatti Chiron is one of those cars that many petrolheads love to hate. Few of us will ever get close to one, and fewer still will get behind the wheel. Yet, there are countless keyboard ninjas and commentators who think it’s too synthesised, too luxurious. And that’s even before you factor in the “my buddy’s GT-R makes the same power” brigade.

At any rate, this high watermark for series-produced machines has now come to an end. This final farewell to Chiron marks the closing of an extraordinary era of performance motoring that saw it become the first 1 500 HP roadgoing car as well as the first production car to surpass 300 mph (490 km/h – Why not just aim for 500 km/h? Ed).


The Bugatti Chiron L’Ultime – a Super Sport – is reminiscent of the showcar that was presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It features the same ‘Atlantic Blue’ and ‘French Racing Blue’ colours. The customer of this final car decided to celebrate milestones of the Chiron by adorning these moments along the sides. These include the launch in Geneva, appearances at Chantilly, testing phases at the Paul Ricard circuit and the 300 mph run at the Ehra-Lessien test track.

A New Era

The Bugatti hypercar lineage does not stop, however. A new model is already close to production. The, as-yet-unnamed, successor to the Chiron will make its debut in a matter of weeks. We already know that the replacement model will have a V16 engine. The new engine (which you can listen to at this link) will probably do without any forced induction. However, it has already been confirmed that it will have some form of electrification to increase power. The peak power figure is rumoured to be 1 800 HP, or just north of 1 300 kW.