A few weeks ago we brought you an article about road cars that have racing-derived engines. This F1 powered Porsche 911 is the most extreme case scenario.

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Racing Specialists

British firm Lanzante is well known in racing circles, most famously for winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a McLaren F1. As a result they are the go-to firm when it comes to the preparation of that halo supercar. The firm has also made a habit of turning track-only specials into road-going machines. It has done so with cars such as the McLaren P1 GTR. Now the company is creating three examples of an F1 Powered Porsche 911.

FoS Debut

The first of the three cars will debut in the UK at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This first example will wear the iconic colours of McLaren F1 racers from the late 1980s. The TAG Championship models, as they are called, are built to celebrate the three back-to-back titles achieved by McLaren during the dominant 1980s era. The F1 cars were powered by Porsche-built, TAG power units in this era. Each of the three cars will be named by driver and year.

F1 Heart

The TAG Championship by Lanzante is based on a 930 Porsche 911. Each car is rebuilt from the ground up using motorsport technology and extensive application of carbon fibre. As a result each tips the scales at just 920 kg. That’s a saving of more than 430 kg over the donor car. Each of these cars will be powered by a genuine Formula 1 engine. These are race-used examples of the TAG TTE P01 1,5-litre V6 twin turbo. These engines helped Niki Lauda and Alain Prost to three consecutive world titles for McLaren. 

The engines have been rebuilt by Cosworth. Upgrades include new pistons, conrods, valves and valve springs, revised cams, a new airbox, new cooling, a new exhaust system, and newly developed lightweight titanium turbos. As a result the new engine can rev to 10 250 r/min. In the process it produces over 460 kW. A custom Porsche 993 six-speed gearbox sends power to the rear axle. Thankfully a set of carbon-ceramic brakes help slow the Porsche down from its top speed that is now quoted as 322 km/h.