Pagani builds some of the most desirable cars in the world. The “run-of-the-mill” models are only usurped by the limited edition track specials, such as the Huayra R and its drop-top sibling the Huayra R Evo. But those can only be driven on special occasions. For the times in between there is the Pagani Huayra R Simulator.

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The company’s press material says: Huayra R simulator, an advanced virtual driving system developed in collaboration with Racing Unleashed, a high-end simulator manufacturer employed in training professional pilots. Initially exclusively available to Huayra R owners, the new product will soon be accessible to the public through the international Pagani dealer network.

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A Training Tool

The Huayra R was designed for track-only use ie it’s not a road car. Pagani’s Arte in Pista program was created to allow Pagani track hypercars car owners to experience their vehicles’ performance in exclusive non-competitive events held at FIA tracks.

Pagani Huayra R Simulator allows  drivers to become familiar with their vehicle in a safe environment. At the same time they can learn international circuits available that that can drive at one of the arranged events. Owners can also book remote coaching sessions to train on specific aspects or tracks

Arte at Home

Of course, as it is a Pagani creation it had to look the part as well. The company’s design team dedicated over a year to its shape. It is made from the same carbon-fibre as the monocoque of the cars. The steering wheel, pedals, seat, and belts are exactly the same as that of the Huayra. 

The entire rig is supposed to simulate the driving experience. As a result it provides the driver with pitch, roll, and yaw motion. The hardware setup includes an integrated high-performance gaming computer in the base, a curved screen, and a dedicated wooden flight case. The latter is presumably for when you want to move it from one of your luxurious homes to another.