People say the Swedes have no sense of humour. But we beg to differ. Just take a look at the pic (above), that’s a Volvo 245 doing a massive burnout with a caravan hidden in the smoke. Now scroll to the bottom of this post and play the video at the point we’ve preset… done? Now you have an idea of why this car is called a Volvoghini.

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A few weeks ago we brought you an article outlining V10 powered cars (original article at this link) but there were no Volvos on that list. The Volvoghini takes its powerplant from, you’ve already guessed haven’t you: a Lamborghini. The car you are looking is the brainchild of Swede Peter Bjorck. Bjorck is the owner of a Swedish performance workshop called BJP Race.

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His rather standard-looking 1975 Volvo 245 wagon was once powered by a Toyota 2JZ. A 5,0-litre V10 of Italian origin now lives in the boxy wagon’s engine bay. This particular engine was sourced from a Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 racecar. A BMW six-speed manual gearbox has been mated with to the V10 for added fun. To keep its sleeper credentials, the Volvoghini has a full interior, including electric windows. Heck, it doesn’t even have a rev counter, keeping with the original car’s spirit.

As you can imagine, there aren’t too many off-the-shelf parts to shoehorn a V10 into a Volvo from 1975. As a result, the entire project took a few years to complete. You can get a shortened version of the build process in the video below or watch the entire process unfold over several videos on his YouTube channel. To show faith is his work, Bjorck drag races the car and hits the open road with his caravan in tow.