A few months ago we brought you a story of hypercar called the Zyrus LP1200 (read our original story at this link). At the time we reported that the track-only model would eventually spawn a road-going version and now it has, say hello to the Zyrus LP1200 Strada.

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The Zyrus LP1200 Strada is based heavily on the racecars developed by Zyrus Engineering. This road-legal version allows owners to drive their Lamborghini-based hypercar to the track, thrash it around for the day and drive it back home.

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Like their race-bred counterparts, each car is based on a Lamborghini Huracan LP640-4. The Norwegian company takes apart the Italian sportscar and hand rebuilds it with over 600 new parts. The upgrade pieces are made from exotic materials such as carbon-fibre, inconel and titanium, many of the bits are manufactured in-house.

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The all carbon-fibre body helps shed a few kilograms. The new creation is said to weigh 1 427kg, lighter than most modern hot hatchbacks. The wild looking aero kit helps create a whopping 2 010 kg of downforce at 200 km/h.

Twin-turbo V10

Powering this radical-looking machine is a twin-turbocharged version of Lamborghini’s V10 powerplant. Owners can choose their desired power output at the touch of a button. In its more ‘tame’ guise the engine puts out 662 kW (900 hp). If that isn’t enough to blow away every other car at the local track than you can opt for 883 kW (1 200 hp) by selecting the more aggressive map. Owners can do this via a smartphone app that links to the electronic dash control system. .

A limited production of just 24 of these extreme track ready machines and 12 road legal versions are available now for pre-order.