Late last year we brought you news about the Lamborghini Huracan STO, which is the most extreme Huracan produced by the factory (our original story follows). Motor1 got an up-close look at the car with a guided tour from Lamborghini’s lead designer Mitja Borkert. You can learn more about the STO in the video at the bottom of this post.

It has been teased by the company for a few weeks, there were even leaked images on the internet hours ahead of the official debut, but today the Lamborghini Huracan STO was unveiled to the world. This latest iteration is the most extreme road-going Huracan yet created by the factory. Oh, in case you were wondering the STO stands for Super Trofeo Omologata.

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The Lamborghini Huracan STO picks up from the older Performante that used to be the apex Huracan. Since the Evo variations were launched, with increased power and active aero, the Performante was shelved and the Evo took up the mantle of range-leader. Read our review of the Lamborghini Huracan Evo by clicking here. The STO moniker is derived from the company’s one-make racing series where identical rear-wheel-drive Huracans race on the finest racetracks all over the world.

Power from the naturally aspirated V10 remains similar to the output of the Evo version at 470 kW, while the peak torque figure has been dropped a fraction from 600 to 565 N.m. Power is still channeled using the firm’s dual-clutch transmission, but power is sent solely to the rear axle. Quoted performance figures are a 3,0-second zero-to-100 km/h dash and a 0-200 km/h time of nine seconds. Vmax is rated as 310 km/h. Lamborghini rear-wheel steering with a more direct and fixed steering ratio has been designed for a track environment.

Taking lessons learned from the track the Huracan STO weighs 43 kg less than the Performante by employing carbon-fibre for more than 75 percent of the bodywork. Other lightweight bits include the windscreen and the adoption of centre-lock 20-inch magnesium wheels. The shiny material has also been used liberally in the cabin (for the door cards, seat backs, etc). Lamborghini says the STO tips the scales at a scant 1 339 kg somewhat less that most modern family sedans. A Brembo CCM-R carbon-ceramic setup has been derived from the world of Formula One.

Check out an 880 kW Lamborghini racecar at this link.

More racecar carryover takes the shape of the aero treatment applied to the STO. The front clamshell is now a single piece that incorporates several body parts. The rear fenders incorporate air intakes and there’s a roof-mounted air scoop to feed fresh air into the engine room. That massive rear wing is adjustable. A single slotted element with double airfoil allows the front part of the airfoil to rotate into three positions to enhance rear downforce. The sum total of the aero tuning has increased efficiency by 37 percent and increase downforce by 53 percent when compared to the older Huracan Performante.

In their own words

“The Huracán STO is the purest incarnation of Lamborghini Squadra Corse heritage, directly transferring technologies from the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO and drawing on the Huracán GT3 EVO’s unique accomplishment of winning three consecutive times in the Daytona 24 hours,” said outgoing Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO, Stefano Domenicali.

Maurizio Reggiani, Chief Technical Officer added: “The Huracán STO delivers all the excitement of a beautifully balanced, lightweight and aerodynamically superior super sports car, mirroring the driving feeling and exhilaration of Super Trofeo, and perfectly set up for the world’s most demanding tracks but created for the road. The extensive technical solutions and intelligence gained from both our Super Trofeo and GT3 programs has been refined and embodied in the Huracán STO, allowing the pilot to experience the emotions of a racing driver, daily, in a road-legal Lamborghini super sports car able to take lap records.”

It will be interesting to see if the new Lambo can get anywhere near the Nurburgring lap time set by the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, which you can read about at this link.

Motor1 video