The Nissan GT-R has forged a reputation for being a desirable performance car. Thanks to games like Gran Turismo the, GT-R was also embedded in the minds of an entire generation of young petrolheads. In this Nissan GT-R generation’s drag race, arranged by UK website Car Wow, we get to see each of the modern versions go head-to-head for the first time.

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A family affair

We all know the modern Nissan GT-R generation’s codes off by heart. The R32, R33 and R34 were forbidden fruit in South Africa as none were imported here for sale through official channels. However, in recent years there have been several units imported for private use.

Each of the abovementioned versions is powered by the famous 2,6-litre inline six. This engine, internally dubbed RB26 DETT, was fed by a pair of turbochargers for a conservative power peak of 209 kW. Power is sent to all four wheels through a manual transmission for each of the earlier versions.

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Heavy hitter

The most recent GT-R, called the R35, changed somewhat from its forebears. It has a 3,8-litre V6 called VR38 DETT. This motor produces 441 kW in its most powerful iteration, as seen in the video above. The manual transmission also made way for a six-speed twin-clutch unit, with drive still sent to all four wheels.

It’s a foregone conclusion that the newest car, with its launch control system and power advantage, will dust the others in this Nissan GT-R generation’s drag race. But how will the others fare against each other? Click to watch the video below and feel free to share this post using the social media buttons below.