Tesla has been the darling of electric car fans the world over. The all-electric American model is a clear indication of the performance potential of electric vehicles. Tesla probably knew it would not occupy this space alone forever… enter the Porsche Taycan S. The two rivals match up for an electric sportscar battle.

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USA vs Germany

The Taycan Turbo S is the first all-electric series production model from sportscar specialist Porsche. Porsche has been working on the model for a few years and seems to have struck gold from the word go. All indications from abroad are that the Taycan is a pukka sportscar in the proper Porsche mould.

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These two cars are run on pure electric power and both feature all-wheel-drive. Power and torque ratings are similar. They both have four doors and seating for as many. The similarities make them natural rivals, especially in the absence of contenders from other quarters. Popular UK magazine Top Gear was one of the first titles in the world to gain access to both cars. They compared the rivals in a straight-line drag race, on the road, and through some of Germany’s B-roads… as well as the unrestricted autobahn.

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The video has already proved to be contentious as Tesla, as well as fans of the brand, has taken exception to the result of the first challenge. Tesla takes pride in the fact that its Model S Performance is one of the quickest accelerating cars on the market, but the video below doesn’t quite reinforce that. You can follow some of the mud-slinging between the UK title and Tesla at this link.