A few weeks ago we brought you this video of a unique 1971 all-wheel-drive Trans Am. Now there is an even crazier muscle car build coming out of the US (where else?), presenting the 4×4 Chev Camaro.

A quick build

Chris Highman was spotted with this one-of-a-kind 4×4 Chev Camaro at an event in the US called LS Fest. As you have guessed, the event is a celebration of everything and anything powered by General Motors’ LS V8 engine (You can learn more about LS Fest at this link).

Mix and match

Chris started with a 1970s Chev Camaro and mated it with a Humvee H1 chassis. Once that was complete he installed an (you guessed it) LS V8 engine. He bolted on a massive turbocharger to the motor, and then added a 100 hp (75 kW) shot of nitrous oxide. All up, the car’s builder says the engine produces around 480 kW.

The car features massive off-roading tyres, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and it can drive the front or rear axles independently. The best part is, Highman built the car strictly from parts he found in online classifieds. He estimates the total cost of the build at $10 000, the body costing a mere $50 (R740).

Built to race

When he isn’t making donuts for cheering crowds, Chris uses his 4×4 Chev Camaro, which he has christened “The Honky Donk” in mud-bogging events. In these events, the native Californian races his machine against other all-wheel-drive machines in heads-up, drag-style events except held in a slushy mud pit.

Listen to the builder of the 4×4 Chev Camaro explain the intricacies of his unique creation in the video below, which was shot by Hoonigan AutoFocus, a subchannel of Ken Block’s Hoonigan Industries. You can see more videos featured on our site at this link.