Yes, you read that headline correctly, and your eyes do not deceive you, you are looking at an M3 Touring, or stationwagon. The BMW M3 Touring (F81 for the anoraks) is so rare that BMW didn’t even build one. In this most recent challenge arranged by UK automotive website Car Wow we get to see this special M3 line up against a Mercedes-AMG C63 in an estate drag race.

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Homemade special

Previous generation high-performance versions of the 3 Series came in M3 and M4 guise ie coupe and sedan. One chap in the UK figured, since BMW wouldn’t build one, he made his own M3 with an extended roofline. Check out these forgotten BMW M3 concept cars. The owner started with a 320d Touring and transplanted everything from an M3 that was being dismantled for spares. He didn’t just move the motor and transmission either. The M car donated its wiring harness, full suspension, brakes and wheel hubs. The final touch was adding the M-specific body parts and alloys to give the car a more aggressive appearance. It is, for all intents and purposes, an M3. While he was at it he also turned up the wick on the turbocharged inline-six. Peak power is now quoted as 397 kW with 680 N.m of torque.

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In this estate drag race the custom-made M3 lines up against the factory-built Mercedes-AMG C63 S. Like all other C63s the Estate version is powered by a 4,0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. Its maximum torque is rated as 375 kW with 700 N.m of peak torque. Both cars feature rear-wheel-drive and launch control systems for rapid acceleration from the line, but which is quicker over the standing quarter mile? Watch another stationwagon drag race at this link.