If it’s Saturday, then it means that Car Wow has released a new video. This week it takes the form of a stationwagon drag race. The automotive site has lined up rivals from Audi and BMW, even if they aren’t direct competitors in the marketplace. Click here to check out last week’s drag race between very quick Audi and Mercedes coupes.

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Unusual performance machines

A few years ago it would have be extremely unusual to see two stationwagons face-off on the quarter mile but this little sub-segment of the performance motoring world has quite a few players of late. Audi is a stalwart of the fast wagon game, going all the way back to the RS2. The spiritual successor of that car is the Audi RS4. We were quite impressed with the RS4 Avant when we drove it last year (click here for our driving review.).

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Turbocharged sixes

The RS4 produces an effortless 331 kW of power and 600 N.m of torque from its 2,9-litre turbocharged V6. Drive is fed to all four wheels via Audi’s famed Quattro all-wheel-drive drivetrain. BMW’s M340i is a car we recently experienced in sedan form (driving impression here). Its turbocharged inline-six develops 285 kW of peak power and 500 N.m, also sent to all four wheels. Both cars feature eight-speed automatic transmissions.

Car wow host Mat Watson sets up a series of straight-line tests, including a standing start drag race, rolling races and a braking test. Before you click on the stationwagon drag race video below take a guess which you think is quicker and post your guess to our Facebook page. If you enjoy this video, please share using the social media buttons below. You can view more drag race videos at this link.