At the very start of 2020 we posted a list of cars that we were excited to drive. All the models that were mentioned were/are headed for local introduction during this calendar year. (Our list can be found at these links: Part One and Part Two). Among these is the new-generation Land Rover Defender. Today we have Land Rover Defender SA Pricing for those who may be keen to own the off-roader.

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Two sizes

As has been tradition the new Land Rover Defender will be available in two wheelbases versions: the Defender 90 and Defender 110. The numbers refer to the length of the respective wheelbases in inches. Land Rover SA says that local customers have been busy planning and configuring their new Defenders on the company since the online device went live months ago. The first Defender 110 models will be delivered to customers in June with three-door, short-wheelbase models due late in the year.

Take a look behind the scenes of the latest James Bond Movie in this Land Rover Defender television advert.

Tough and connected

The British company (owned by Tata) says the new Defender is the toughest and most capable Land Rover ever made with unstoppable off-road performance. Both body designs will initially be available will be available with a range of engines including a 177 kW turbodiesel badged D240 and a P300 petrol with 221 kW. The range-topping model at launch will be a P400 derivative fitted with a straight-six petrol engine that features mild-hybrid (MHEV) engine technology; it develops 294 kW of power.

The replacement for the iconic 4×4 also boasts 21st century technologies and introduces Land Rover’s Pivi infotainment. This new system features an intuitive interface and its own back-up battery for always-on responses. Software-over-the-air updates ensure that customers benefit from the latest software at all times.


Land Rover Defender SA pricing is as follows. Please note, all prices include VAT but exclude CO2 taxes.

Defender 90 prices

Defender 90 D240 Standard              R 948 000

Defender 90 D240 S                            R996 500

Defender 90 D240 SE                          R1 060 200

Defender 90 D240 HSE                       R1 156 600

Defender 90 D240 First Edition        R1 142 200

Defender 90 P300 Standard              R948 000

Defender 90 P300 S                            R996 500

Defender 90 P300 SE                          R1 060 200

Defender 90 P300 HSE                      R1 156 600

Defender 90 P400 Standard              R1 078 400

Defender 90 P400 S                            R1 113 800

Defender 90 P400 SE                          R1 172 500

Defender 90 P400 HSE                       R1 268 900

Defender 90 P400 First Edition        R1 254 500

Defender 90 P400 X                            R1 486 700

Defender 110 prices

Defender 110 D240 Standard           R999 000

Defender 110 D240 S                          R1 042 800

Defender 110 240 SE                           R1 099 500

Defender 110 D240 HSE                     R1 198 700

Defender 110 D240 First Edition      R1 199 500

Defender 110 P300 Standard             R999 000

Defender 110 P300 S                           R1 042 800

Defender 110 P300 SE                         R1 099 500

Defender 110 P300 HSE                      R1 198 700

Defender 110 P400 Standard             R1 129 400

Defender 110 P400 S                           R1 164 800

Defender 110 P400 SE                         R1 224 300

Defender 110 P400 HSE                      R1 320 700

Defender 110 P400 First Edition       R1 310 400

Defender 110 P400 X                           R1 498 400