Fans of the world’s most famous spy will no doubt know that a new James Bond movie is on its way. No Time To Die will premiere in April of this year. One of the auto brands featured in the movie has created its own Bond-style television commercial. The new Land Rover Defender advert shows the latest creation from Solihull in all manner of action sequences filmed for the latest Bond instalment.

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Rover, Land Rover

Bond movies have featured countless interesting and memorable cars over the years. The famous movie franchise has leaned towards British marques of late. We see cameo appearances from some of the Aston Martin models that have featured in previous movies in the trailer (bottom of post).

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A Land Rover product, a Range Rover Convertible, first appeared in the 1983 movie Octopussy. In No Time To Die 10 Defenders, a Range Rover Sport SVR, a Series III Land Rover and a Range Rover Classic feature in vital chase sequences.

The new Land Rover Defender advert features a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect from the new off-roader in No Time To Die. The chase sequence was led by stunt coordinator, Lee Morrison. The Defenders used were the first cars off the production line, including the seventh Defender built (VIN 007), at Land Rover’s Nitra factory in Slovakia. They are all based on the Defender 110 X and feature darkened skid pans, 20-inch dark finish wheels and professional off-road tyres.

In his own words

Lee Morrison stated: “We pushed the Defender further than we believed possible to generate the maximum excitement, and to give fans an insight into the uncompromising challenge of producing an incredible chase sequence which you can look forward to seeing in No Time To

Land Rover Defender advert