Restomods are pretty darn cool in our eyes. This modding trend takes the old cars we love so much and upgrades them to be more user-friendly, safer and more enjoyable. We know that there are plenty of companies producing uprated Porsches. Here are the five best Porsche restomods that we have featured on our site.

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Theon Design

Theon Design Porsche

Theon Design is one of the lesser-known companies producing uprated old Porsches. The UK-based firm uses the 964-generation 911 as the base point for their bespoke creations. Theon offers customers a choice of three high-performance naturally aspirated engine configurations: 3,6-, 3,8- or 4,0-litres. They also focus on keeping mass as low as possible. You can read more about the company and watch a video by clicking here


Porsche 959 Reimagined by Canepa grey rear

The Porsche 959 was overshadowed by its contemporary, the Ferrari F40 (read our driving review here) for most of its life. However, as with most limited-edition Porsches the 959 has skyrocketed in value over recent times. US specialist workshop Canepa has given the 959 a new lease of life with the Canepa Porsche 959. The company has uprated the suspension, added more power and improved the brakes. You can read all about it by clicking this link or on the pic above.

Kalmar Automotive Porsche 797

Kalmar Automotive Porsche 797 rear

Denmark isn’t usually considered a hotbed of vehicle design. However, the Kalmar Automotive Porsche 797 is a thing of pure desire. Even better, the car was inspired by the most winning driver at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Tom Kristensen (as you can read here). The company uses a 964 or 993 as a starting point. It then applies the same lessons that Porsche applied to create its own lightweight 911R. Air-cooled flat-sixes can displace anywhere from 3,8- to 4,3-litres. Power ratings start at 225 kW (300 hp) rising up to 300 kW (400 hp) for naturally aspirated applications. Owners can opt for a pair of turbochargers if they want more oomph.

Nardone Automotive 928

Nardone Automotive 928 restomod profile

Not all Porsche restomods are based on 911s. Newcomer Nardone Automotive applied its expertise to the Porsche 928. The company says its 928 is a perfect little sister for all the beautiful 911 restos out there. Nardone updates several areas of the GT car. Nardone subtly changes the look of the 928 with composite body panels. It even goes as far as making larger alloys in the original design. A retro-licious interior treatment looks like it was stolen from a 1980’s sci-fi movie. Read more about the Nardone 928 by clicking here

Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Porsche 911 Turbo Study

No list of restomod Porsches would be complete without mentioning Singer Vehicle Design. The California-based company produces some of the most lust-worthy Porsches. We know about Singer’s older projects, such as the Dynamic Lightweight Study.  However, its latest is the archetypal 911 that many of us grew up drooling over, the original 911 Turbo. The latest 911 by Singer has the signature wider rear fenders and ‘whale tail’ rear spoiler and retro Fuchs wheels. A 3,8-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six sits under the vented engine cover. You can read more about the Singer Turbo Study at this link.