It seems that just about every few weeks a new hypercar emerges. Consequently, it seems high-end Ferraris, McLarens and Bugattis just don’t cut it any longer. Recently, a number of small scale manufacturers from all corners of the globe are getting in on the act. In this case, we’re looking at the latest EV hypercar to join the club the Automobili Estrema Fulminea.

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Italian roots

The company’s press material says that the Estrema Fulminea is the hedonistic pleasure of sporty driving, cutting-edge technology, an obsession for details and respect for the environment. The new car will be produced in the Motor Valley region of Modena. This area is also home to the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani.

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A new Italian company Automobili Estrema is responsible for the extreme looking Fulminea. Automobili  Estrema was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Gianfranco Pizzuto. There are several other heavyweights from the auto industry on the management board and behind the scenes of the fledgling automaker. Not to mention several tier one suppliers such as Pirelli, OZ Wheels, IMECAR Elektronik (battery integration and powertrain components) and ABEE Group (solid state cell batteries).

Unique appearance

Automobili Estrema has been guided by four main design concepts: romance, elegance, purity and balance. The carbon-fibre outer has been designed to appear cutting edge, an indication of the high-tech solutions that are employed under the skin. Various elements draw links between the hypercar and the racing world. These include carbon aerodynamic elements such as the adjustable rear wing that integrates into the bodywork when the car is stationary, rear diffuser, carbon wheel discs and shark fin on the engine cover. 

A world first

Fulminea will be the first car in the world to use a hybrid battery pack that combines Li-ion cells with solid-state electrolyte and ultracapacitors. As a result, this helps the power source to achieve 100 kWh of energy. This battery pack is the source that feeds the four electric motors that power the sleek hypercar. 

Total system power is rated as 1 500 kW or 1,5 MW (2 040 hp). That power has a mass of 1 500 kg, quite light in EV terms, to haul for a metric 1:1 power to mass ratio. Accordingly, Fulminea is said to accelerate from 0 to 320 km/h in less than 10 seconds. By comparison, that’s about the same time it takes an average family SUV to get from rest to 100 km/h. Estrema says the Fulminea has a range of 520 km. No zero to 100 km/h time or peak torque values have yet been released.

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The Automobili Estrema Fulminea is due for a limited run of just 61 units. Production is supposed to start in 2023. As for the price, you know what they say: if you have to ask…

Estrema Fulminea – Vital stats

0-320 km/h: <10 sec
Max speed: 322 km/h
Peak power: 1 500 kW
Peak torque: n/a