Bottrop-based Brabus is well-known for its high-performance machines that are based on vehicles from Mercedes. However, the Brabus 911 Turbo S could be one of its quickest creations to date.

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No slouch

The standard Turbo S is already a ridiculously fast car, by anyone’s standards. We were blown away at how indecently quick the Coupe version is when we drove it at its South African launch. Click here to read our 911 Turbo S driving review. Check out these test stats obtained at sea level to see how quick it really is.

However, some people always want more and Brabus is happy to deliver in this regard. The German tuning house has modified a Turbo S to deliver 603 kW of power with a peak torque value of 950 N.m. For reference, the standard car produces 478 kW of power and 800 N.m. Brabus says the droptop sportscar can sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 2,5 seconds. 340 km/h is quote as electronically limited top speed.

To achieve the power increase the Brabus 911 Turbo S features a pair of special turbochargers of Brabus’ own design. These boast a modified core assembly with reinforced axial bearings, larger compressor and turbine units with modified VTG adjustment. The net result is maximum boost pressure of 2,1 bars. The engine also breathes through a high-performance exhaust system made from lightweight Iconel.

Sharper appearance

Brabus ensures that onlookers know they are looking at something special by adding a few bespoke touches. A set of Brabus Monoblock Z ‘Platinum Edition’ forged wheels are the most obvious external change. These measure 21 inches up front and 22 on the rear axle. Brabus sport springs give the car a more hunkered down stance by 25 mm.

A number of new body parts were developed for more downforce and added aero efficiency. These carbon fibre items include a front spoiler with flaps, carbon elements for the air intakes in the front bumper and flaps mounted to the rocker panels in front of the rear wheel arches.