Yes. you read that headline correctly, forty eight cylinders. That’s just mental. The 48-cylinder Kawasaki, aka Tinker Toy as it has been dubbed by its creator, will soon hit the auction block at a Bonham’s event taking place in a few weeks.

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The 48-cylinder Kawasaki was built to grab a world record. And that record is the most number of cylinders on a land vehicle. That’s pretty crazy when you think about it. A Bugatti Chiron seems excessive with ‘just’ 16 pots. Anyway, the Tinker Toy, built by Simon Whitelock achieved his goal.

The engine was made using the engines from 16 Kawasaki KH250s, which was a two-stroke three-cylinder machine from the 1970s. The configuration is six banks of 8 cylinders with a 24-into-1 exhaust system on each side. Each bank of cylinders is fed by one carburetor. The mammoth engine is still air-cooled. Total displacement of the engine is 4,2-litres. There is no power figure quoted. However the bike reportedly weighs 600 kg.

You can learn more about the massive, bespoke creation in the video below from the man who made it.