Bisi Ezerioha has created the Bisimoto Electric Porsche 935 K3V, which is the world’s first all-electric 935. The owner and chief engineer of Bisimoto Engineering started with a classic Porsche 911 and kitted it out with body panels resembling a Porsche 935 racer.

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Retro looks

The donor 911 now wears a Kremer Racing K3 body from the late 1970s. The 935 was a product of a rule change in endurance racing that allowed for body modifications to production cars as long as the silhouette remained roughly the same. The most famous 935s carried distinctive Martini livery (as seen in this feature). The paintwork on the Bisimoto creation car is an eye-catching grey and pink combination, a nod to the Gozzy Kremer K3 (935) from the ’80s. The new car runs on motorsport-inspired Brixton Forged wheels.

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Electric powertrain

The 911’s flat-six has been ditched in favour of a three-phase AC motor. It is powered by a 32 kWh battery. Peak power is quoted as 475 kW. Redline is set at 18 000 r/min. This car is claimed to be the fastest car in the Bisimotor garage, which already contains some interesting machinery. We’ve featured a beautiful restomod 911 created by the same workshop, click here for that story.

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Street legal

Interestingly, the Bisimoto Electric Porsche 935 is street legal. According to Nigerian-born Bisi, the car is a blast to drive. This car represents an interesting blend of classic, old school looks, infused with modern EV technology. Learn all the details of the unique creation from the man himself in the video below.

Images were taken by Michael Marcheco and supplied by Bisimoto.