Bisimoto Engineering is a company that has been making waves in the US aftermarket scene for a few years now with its impressive creations. Creations such as this wild Honda Odyssey van with over 760 kW or this twin-turbocharged single-seater Porsche Boxster. The California-based outfit was started by Nigerian immigrant Bisi Ezerioha. Ezerioha is a chemical engineer by training and, by the sounds of it, a proper petrolhead. He is also primarily responsible for this Bisimoto Porsche 911.

A bespoke 930 appearance

Bisimoto casts its special treatment on a 1970s 911. They started with a regular 911 and gave it wider rear arches and a massive IROC-inspired rear wing that houses an air-to-air intercooler. Other bespoke touches are the front lamps that feature daylight running lamps (DRLs). Another unique aspect is the wing mirrors that have been removed from the doors and remounted on the front fenders.

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Aircooled looks, watercooled performance

The 996-sourced 3,4-litre force-fed flat-six can rev to 8 100 r/min and produces over 630 kW in the process. In an unusual approach, Bisimoto hangs the pair of turbochargers outside the engine bay. The motor is mated with manual transmission from a 997-gen 911 and features drive-by-wire throttle. Interestingly, Bisimoto has tuned the motor to gradually increasing boost pressure with each gear. In doing so the car is far more driveable, especially on the road. Incidentally, the Bisimoto Porsche 911 weighs a scant 1 090 kg.

As the engine came from a 996, it is watercooled, unlike all 911 models that came before, which are aircooled. So this car is a resto-mod of the finest order as it uses all modern tech in an old-looking 911 shell. Not only is the car good-looking, but Bisi uses it as his racecar whenever the need arises.

Watch as listen as the car’s builder discusses the Bisimoto Porsche 911 with famous comedian and petrolhead Jay Leno in the video below.