Audi has been on a bit of a new-model onslaught over the last year. We didn’t really notice in SA as there were not many new model introductions being carried out by the company’s local subsidiary in 2020, for obvious reasons. However, earlier this week Audi South Africa hosted an event whereby the SA media was informed about the automaker’s ambitious Audi Performance expansion plans in the local context.

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Audi Performance expansion plans include releasing a multitude of new or revised high-performance models into the local market. Audi has enjoyed a large degree of success in the upper end of the buying scale and has decided to focus its attention in this area. Audi South African plans to take a larger slice of the performance and premium market with the introduction of these models. 


Audi South African plans to take a larger slice of the performance and premium market with the introduction of these models. With recent buying trends it is no surprise to learn that several of the newcomers are SUV models. 

The performance SUV onslaught is led by two all-new entries into the SA fold, the RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback (which you can read about here). They are followed by the only two diesel options of the entire performance family, the SQ7 and SQ8 (more info here), which are available in limited numbers locally. And finally the top-dog RS Q8, which is widely known to be a budget Lamborghini Urus (read our driving review here).

Model Power (kW) Torque (N.m) 0-100 km/h Price
RS Q3 294 480 4,5 sec R1 094 000
RS Q3 Sportback 294 480 4,5 sec R1 128 000
SQ 7 TDI 310 900 4,8 sec R1 679 500
SQ 8 TDI 310 900 4,8 sec R1 848 500
RS Q8 441 800 3,8 sec R2 354 500


Audi is also the only premium brand to offer high-performance station wagons (the very first RS sold to the public was the Porsche-developed RS2 Avant). The RS4 Avant boasts a fresh new appearance but remains unchanged under the skin (read our driving review here). The heavy-hitting RS6 Avant appears on the local listings for the very first time (more info on the twin-turbo V8-powered machine at this link).

Model Power  Torque 0-100 km/h Price
RS4 Avant 331 600 4,1 sec R1 296 000
RS6 Avant 441 800 3,6 sec R2 070 000


Despite the ever-increasing number of practical performance models on offer, staples such as the sporting coupes have remained part of the portfolio. The entry point to this range in the TT RS and TT RS Roadster. This facelifted model (read more about the revisions here) features the company’s famed turbocharged five-pot motor. At the very top of this line-up is the mid-engined Audi R8. The V10 engine is the only naturally aspirated unit in the entire Audi product range.

Model Power Torque 0-100 km/h Price
TT RS Coupe 294 480 3,7 sec R1 062 000
TT RS Roadster 294 480 3,9 sec R1 113 500
RS5 331 600 3,9 sec R1 394 500
RS5 Sportback 331 600 3,9 sec R1 409 500
RS7 Sportback 441 800 3,6 sec R2 173 500
R8 Performance 449 560 3,2 sec R3 336 000
R8 Spyder Perf 449 560 3,3 sec R3 592 500

All new Audi performance models listed above, as well as the Audi S8 performance saloon, will be on sale from local dealerships from April 1, 2021.