Last year we brought you a bespoke gallery from one of the world’s largest auto aftermarket shows. As the event is currently underway in Las Vegas, we bring you our 2019 SEMA Show gallery part 1. Keep an eye on our site for the next instalment of our 2019 SEMA Show coverage. Click here to check out a very cool bike-engined Honda, built by a fan that is on display at the Honda booth.

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Chevrolet E-10 Concept

UNKL is Ford Mustang powered by 8,5-litre V8 that makes just over 520 kW. A six-speed Tremec transmission sends power to the rear wheels via a carbon-fibre propshaft. Ringbrothers extended the Mach 1’s body by an inch on each side for a more aggressive stance. The car’s body is a mixture of carbon-fibre and steel panels. Custom details include billet taillights, reshaped bumpers and trim. UNKL rides on forged HRE Wheels wrapped in sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres sized 295/35R-19 in the front and 345/30R-20 in the rear.

2019 SEMA Show Gallery Part 1

Toyota Supras were all the rage at the 2019 SEMA show. Tuners from all over the world gave us their unique take on the new sportscar.

2019 SEMA Show Gallery Part 1


Nissan Frontier Desert Runner Concept

The Nissan Desert Runner made its debut at the 2019 SEMA Show. Under the hood is a 5,6-litre V8 from a Nissan Titan. The V8 is fed by a Garrett GTX3584RS turbocharge to produce over 450 kW horsepower and 950 N.m of torque. The factory interior was replaced by a no-frills cockpit – including coated floor, custom harness bar and Sparco harnesses. Sparco also supplied the racing seats and steering wheel with quick release steering wheel adapter.

2019 SEMA Show Gallery Part 1

Honda has a large presence at the 2019 event. The Japanese company chose a decidedly classic slant to its display. Check out that cool truck in the background.

2019 SEMA Show Gallery Part 1

We don’t know what it is, but we like it. This sleek coupe seems as though it has some Italian inspiration. It looks like it is powered by a naturally aspirated V8 breathing through good ole carbs.

2019 SEMA Show Gallery Part 1This custom Ford MPV is kitted out to go just about anywhere, and to take all your friends when you do.

2019 SEMA Show Gallery Part 1

The Chevy based rat road looks like a real-life Hot Wheels car, we dig it, though we have no idea how you view the road ahead with that massive motor poking through the bonnet.

If you prefer to stand out in your Mercedes-Benz S- Class, MM Design has just the answer.

Our 2019 SEMA Show Gallery Part 1 just wouldn’t be complete without this firm South African favourite. The VW Golf GTI was also represented, albeit in the shape of this racecar.