The 2020 Formula One season was supposed to start in March but, as we reported, that was not the case. We all know that the world is in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has halted live sport of nearly every code. F1 fans will be happy to know that the series organisers are busy working on an amended calendar, which you can read at this link. But, until that happens you can take a Dutch road trip with Red Bull Racing to satiate your F1 cravings.

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Celebratory video

Red Bull Racing created the Dutch Road Trip video to commemorate the return of the Dutch Grand Prix after 35 years. The event was scheduled to take place this weekend at Circuit Zandvoort. Red Bull wanted to celebrate its lead driver’s first home GP since joining the category. The video has both drivers take a journey to 10 iconic locations across the Netherlands

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The film opens with a pair of RB7s screaming through the Rotterdam docks. Albon and Verstappen enjoy the Dutch countryside past windmills and through the middle of tulip-filled greenhouses. A drive through The Hague is followed by a blast along the beach. There they’re joined for an aerial stunt by 2018 MXGP World Champion Jeffrey Herlings. Fittingly, the final stop on the road trip is Zandvoort Circuit.

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In their own words

“If we can’t race, then I think it’s great to put something out there for our fans,” said Max of the high-powered road trip. “We were all very much looking forward to having a home Grand Prix in the Netherlands but hopefully later in the year or whenever it’s possible to race again, we can get that started. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys this film.”

“Obviously this weekend we should have been racing at Zandvoort but that’s not quite so simple now. With everything going on there’s been a limit to the amount of F1 content available recently, so I’m really happy we’re able to release this now to give fans something to look forward to. We filmed this in January and it was great fun. I think the film has turned out brilliantly and I hope everyone enjoys it. Hopefully when this season starts again they’ll be as ready as we are,” said Alex Albon.

Enjoy watching and listening to the screaming Red Bull Racing RB7s and RB8s on their Dutch Road Trip.