The Nurburgring Nordschleife is open for business once again and several manufacturers were recently out testing new models during an industry pool day. Among the cars spotted undergoing dynamic evaluation were the upcoming Porsche GT4 RS and 992-generation GT3.

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Other high-performance models that can be seen put through their paces in the video are the upcoming Golf R (which we recently reported on here) and the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series (read our exclusive report on the car’s power output at this link).

Ultimate Cayman

For years enthusiasts have been saying that the Cayman is the best all-round Porsche. It was just a lack of power that kept it from being a true challenger in the sportscar world. Perhaps Porsche was aware that giving its mid-mount, junior model more power would cannabalise sales from the 911 range. Eventually, the company capitulated and produced a GT4 version in the previous-gen (981) Cayman range, which received universal acclaim. That success led to the creation of a 718 GT4, which you can read about here.

Now the German sportscar maker is going to ramp up performance even further with hotter Porsche GT4 RS derivative. The ultimate Cayman has been rumoured for some time and now we have images and video of the variant being tested in and around the Nurburgring.

Naturally aspirated flat-six

Porsche GT4 RS is reported to have the same 4,0-litre flat-six motor as the GT4. Power is expected to rise somewhat, from 309 to 373 kW (an even 500 hp). It is unclear what form of transmission will be mated to the naturally aspirated engine. Although it has the same capacity as the GT, the apex Cayman is said to employ the titanium connecting rods and dry-sump system from the 911 GT3’s engine. These changes will allow the engine to rev higher, thereby producing more power.

From the images, we can see that the car has GT3-style alloys, which are probably wrapped in sticky Michelin semi-slick rubber. We’ll bet good money that the suspension has revised spring and damper rates. Other, more noticeable changes are the louvres in the rear windows presumably to feed more air to the mid-mounted motor. Another pair of air intakes can be seen on the front of the car, similar to that of a GT2 RS. Most notable of the changes over a GT4 is that massive rear wing, with a motorsport-inspired gooseneck mounting arrangement. The same can be seen on the GT3 in the same video.