Airbrushing is a sought after career, which requires technique, patience, creativity and talent. Often you see motorists with custom paint jobs, and some of them are brilliantly done. A positive aspect to this job, is that your advertising is basically free, the car you’ve airbrushed is out there on the roads advertising your work. So you may not have a brand new car, but you want to change the look of it? These videos demonstrate the work of an artist named Chris Dunlop. In the first video he used 10 sharpies (permanent markers), and within 54 hours he drew unique patterns and animations on this Chevrolet Camaro. The second he took about 50 hours of freehand drawing to finish the 1999 Ford Mustang GT. From boot to bonnet, these designs are incredible. He calls it sharpie art, and has done an exceptional job! Have a look.