Ryan Tuerck drifts the Appalachian Mountains in his most recent custom creation, a Toyota Stout pick-up. Yeah, you read that right, one of those stodgy old bakkies that we used to see on the road in SA many, many years ago.

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Not Your Grandpa’s Bakkie

Tuerck is a pro drifter who drives a Toyota GR Corolla in the US-based Formula D series. He has built a few interesting drift machines over the years. These include a Toyota GT86 with a Ferrari 458 engine as well as a current-gen Supra with a V10 Judd stuffed under the bonnet (which you can read about at this link).

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Of course, this pick-up is pretty special, too. Tuerck had the car custom built from the ground up. It features a spaceframe with independent push-rod suspension. Under the hood is a 2,2-litre inline four Toyota motor that is fed by a Garrett turbocharger. The combo produces north of 480 kW. A six-speed Hollinger sequential transmission sends power through a carbon-fibre propshaft to the rear wheels.

Watch as Ryan Tuerck drifts the Appalachian Mountains with some of his buddies in the video below.