Cinema Sins is one of our favourite YouTube channels. It recently shredded a staple of the petrolhead population in its latest video Everything Wrong With Fast X.

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A Fast Decline

Fast and Furious stopped being about cars and racing about halfway through the first movie. However, that has not stopped car enthusiasts all over the world from forking over good money to watch each subsequent movie. There is plenty of competition for which is the worst, but the most recent installment could well be the biggest pile of cr#p. Worse still, it promises that there will be another in the series. 

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Picking Holes

Cinema Sins is a channel that picks holes in movies. From plot inconsistencies to continuity, no movie is perfect and no movie is spared. The channel has shredded all the other movies in the same franchise (link here). You can hear the annoyance in the commentator’s voice as he points out Everything Wrong With Fast X. Feel free to share this post using the social media buttons below. You can also click here to learn all the lessons we learnt from watch movies.