Roland Gumpert is the ex-motorsport boss of Audi. He has been producing his own cars for a number of years now, including the dramatic-looking Apollo. His company has been working on a new product for the last few years and now the RG Nathalie (named after his daughter) is ready for production. Just 500 units of this two-door coupe will be built.

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Electric power

The RG Nathalie is a battery-powered supercar but not in the mold of others in the market at the moment. Roland Gumpert has combined the clean energy of electric vehicles with the convenience of fuel cell vehicles. Recharging comes from a hybrid system that uses methanol fuel cells underneath the car’s carbon-fibre bonnet. Through the chemical reaction in the fuel cells the batteries are recharged, with CO2 and a negligible percentage of nitrogen oxide as by-products. The recharging process happens when the car idles and more so when accelerating and braking.

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Considering the unconventional 2Way energy system the RG Nathalie can be considered ‘self-charging’ in a way. Recharging times are reduced to just a three-minute refueling of the 65-litre methanol tank. Range is quoted as 820 km at an average speed of 120 km/h or an extremely impressive 1 200 km in Eco mode.

Four-electric motors

The carbon-fibre based RG Nathalie has a 190 kWh floor-mounted battery that feeds four motors, one on each wheel. System output is rated as 400 kW with a whopping 990 N.m of torque. The company’s press material says the RG Nathalie spring from standstill to 100 km/h in 2,5 seconds and it has a top speed of 300 km/h.