If we mention the country Sri Lanka, you may think of a few things. Tea may be foremost in the minds of many, the country’s cricket team may also pop up but few will consider Sri Lanka as the producer of its own supercar. The Vega EVX is Sri Lanka’s first wholly developed supercar and it is about to make its debut on the world stage at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

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Electric power

The Vega EVX is two-seater supercar that features a carbon fibre body over a spaceframe. Power is derived from a dual-motor electric drivetrain. Using one motor per axle means that the EVX supercar is all-wheel-drive. A 40 kW/h hour battery-pack was designed in-house and, according to the company, gives the car a range of 250 km between recharges.

That battery pack feeds a twin-motor set-up. Each motor develops 300 kW, for a system total of 600. That is allied to 760 N.m of maximum torque. During its own testing, the car’s creators say the EVX sprints from standstill to 100 km/h in just 3,15 seconds (see the video below). They do not quote a top speed figure for the EVX.

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In-house development

The creator of the Vega EVX, Vega Innovations, is very keen to underline the fact that all the technology utilised in the EVX was conceived, built and developed on Sri Lankan soil by local engineers. As technology surrounding electric vehicles becomes more commonplace, it is easy to buy an off-the-shelf solution, clothe it in bespoke skin and call it your own.

Vega Innovations must be pretty confident about the EVX as they are going to the heart of the European show circuit. The Geneva Motor Show has helped launched many a super/hypercar maker onto the world stage, most notably Koenigsegg, Pagani and Rimac.