Many automakers offer carbon-fibre trim or body parts as options on their performance models, but few take it to the level of the Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Carbon Edition. This is the latest creation from Russian tuning house TopCar, of which just 13 kits will be produced.

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Ultimate lightweight turbo…?

Topcar Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Carbon Edition parts

The starting point for this limited-edition creation is Porsche’s 992 generation Turbo S. TopCar has taken the quickest road-going 911 and stripped it of all its bodywork. Replacing all the metal bits are 84 parts (pictured alongside) made of four layers of carbon-fibre (external, internal and two structural layers). TopCar’s press material says that it was the most complicated project in the history of the company

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While engineering the bespoke lightweight parts TopCar has also altered the look of the Turbo S. Adding to the new appearance are optional forged wheels by TopCar Design and a titanium exhaust system with black tips built by Akrapovic. The cost of the body kit is €100 000, of course you gotta provide the base 911 Turbo S to start with. Interestingly the mass-saving over the metal body is not quoted.

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Exhaust aside, the mechanicals of the Turbo S remain unchanged. Power is still derived from a flat-six engine that displaces 3,8 litres. Peak power is rated as 478 kW with a massive 800 N.m of torque on tap in a plateau between 2 500 and 4 000 r/min. The all-wheel-drive 992 Turbo S variants have a dual-clutch ‘box as the sole transmission option.

Take a closer look at the Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Carbon Edition in the video below