When the Kimera 037 was revealed last year it immediately set the hearts of rally fans racing. The homage to Lancia’s rally machine is all that we want to see in a new car, rear-wheel-drive, manual and lightweight. The Martini Kimera 037 takes our rally fantasies to the next level.

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A walk into the past

The Martini Kimera 037 was unveiled this week. It will compete in the Costa Smeralda Historical Rally in Italy at the end of next week. The car will be driven by Miki Biasion who raced the original Lancia 037 in 1983, 1984, and 1985. The Italian driver is a two-time WRC champion. Incidentally, the Lancia was the last rear-wheel-drive car to win the world before all-wheel-drive became the preferred, and faster layout.

This project is conducted in collaboration with Martini and Rossi. This Italian liquor company has provided one of the most memorable and recognisable liveries in world motorsport. Check out our favourite Martini liveries on racecars at this link.

Old school

The Kimera 037 is a limited edition sportscar that is based on a heavily modified Lancia Beta Montecarlo, just as the original was. In the newer car, carbon-fibre panels cover the underpinnings. 

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An inline-four sits in longitudinal orientation behind the cabin. Modern materials and methods have been used in its creation. The Kimera 037 features turbo- and supercharging to achieve maximum power of 377 kW and 550 N.m of torque. Those figures give it a power to mass ratio of 500 bhp per ton.

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This isn’t the first time this restomod will compete in a rally. A Kimera 037 was driven at the Monte Carlo Rally earlier this year. Check the video below to see more.