What do you do with an old, decommissioned Lear Jet? Well, if you live in the United States of America, you build the Limo-Jet, the world’s first and only street-legal limo base on a private luxury aircraft.

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A long process

The builders of this rather eye-catching creation, Exotic Coach, started with a Lear Jet aluminium fuselage. A steel skeleton frame was created to give the fuselage more support. Two years of research and development were required to construct the rear engine bay, drivetrain, electrical and computer systems.

Plenty of head-scratching took place to create the wheels, suspension and steering system on which Limo-Jet rides. The final link in the equation is a set of 28-inch alloys. Incidentally, this one-off machine is powered by a V8 petrol motor that drives the rear wheels.

As if rolling down Las Vegas Boulevard or New York’s swanky 5th Avenue in a 13-metre-long ground-bound plane was not enough, Limo-Jet was covered in red paint, not the usual colour for a private jet… or a limo. In case you were wondering it stands nearly 3,5 metres high, so it probably won’t fit through the drive-through at your favourite take-away.

To help manoeuvre this massive vehicle the driver is surrounded by banks of monitors that allow him/her to keep an eye on the extremities of Limo-Jet. The co-pilot’s chair has been junked to make more space for the driver’s control centre


The interior is a full-on partygoer’s delight. There luxury seating for up to eight revelers and a high-powered stereo system, with no fewer than 17 000 Watts of power, can belt out your favourite tunes. Oh, there are speakers mounted outside as well, so everyone can enjoy your taste in music. High-definition screens are found around the cabin as well.

Open for business

If you are in the US, or planning a trip there, and would like to experience this unique creation first-hand, then just click here to chat with the current owners.